7 Things for Which You May Need Your Birth Certificate

Most of us don’t think much about our birth certificate. In fact, most of us think so little about this document that we tend to keep it quietly locked away in some scrapbook, drawer or other inconspicuous place. However, when we finally do require it, its need could be urgent. In fact, there are many reasons a person might require his/her birth certificate at any time. Here are 7 things for which you may need a birth certificate.

  • To obtain a driver’s license: Nearly all states require that applicants present a birth certificate before being issued a driver’s license. Indeed some states require that you bring your birth certificate with you when you renew your license.
  • Travel: You will need a birth certificate as part of the requirements of obtaining a passport. Additionally, you may also need a Texas birth certificate Apostille in the event that you are going to present your birth certificate overseas. Our Austin Apostille provides countries with a means of verifying documents issued by a local authority in another country.
  • To open a bank account: Most banks require two forms of identification one that authenticates your identification and another that establishes your residency. A birth certificate is always accepted as proof of your identity. For additional pieces of ID, you may be required to show a driver’s permit or a bill or piece of mail addressed to you.
  • To replace a social security card: In the event you either lose your social security card or it is stolen, the Social Security Office will need to verify your identify before issuing you a new card. Your birth certificate and one other form of ID are usually sufficient proof.
  • To register for school: Most states require that you present a copy of your birth certificate when registering in order to prove you are who you say you are and to ensure that you are in the right class for your age. (This is especially true of elementary school.)
  • Before starting a job: Many employers demand that you present them with a birth certificate for their personnel records.
  • To receive insurance benefits: Some insurers require proof that the dependents you list on your policy are related to you. Usually, a government issued birth certificate is sufficient proof that a child that you are claiming as a dependent, for example, is yours.birth certificate

For all those reasons and more, your birth certificate is probably the most important document you will posses in your lifetime. In the event that you need it quickly, we specialize in expedited, same-day, and after-hours services.


A Brief History of Courier Services

Today we take for granted how convenient and efficient courier services have become. However, convenience, speed and efficiency were not always features of courier services. We are referring to the very beginnings of this service which most people could scarcely imagine doing without today. In this post we would like to look back at the history of courier services in order to see how far we’ve come.

Courier services first began centuries ago with most messages being hand-delivered. As you can imagine, this was not a very efficient means of delivery. Not only was this message not efficient, it was sometimes a perilous experience for the messenger himself. For example, the Spartans murdered a Persian messenger in the run up to the Greco-Persian War. Centuries later other means would be used such as homing pigeons and even dogs to deliver messages. In the late 19th Century, the Pony Express was established to serve the territories between Missouri and California. The image of the rider on horseback vigilantly delivery messages under all kinds of conditions became world famous. Pony Express riders were known to traverse at least 2,000 miles in the delivery of messages by setting up a relay system. The most famous Pony Express rider was none other than Buffalo Bill. The Pony Express ended on October 26, 1861.

With the invention of the automobile, couriers were introduced to a faster, more efficient way to deliver messages. During World War I, Americans used hundreds of couriers to deliver messages and indeed penetrate enemy lines. In modern times, couriers have utilized trains, vehicles, airplanes and even bikes to deliver messages to ever increasingly compact urban environments. The public has long been accustomed to receiving all kinds of content they desire rapidly and accurately. The couriers of yesterday paved the way for today’s advancements. While most people would not want to revisit the technology of those times it is good to look back and marvel at how far we’ve come.2018-05-30_1131.png

Today, our Texas Apostille and courier services leverages its experience with its hardworking team to delivery all kinds of content under all kinds of circumstances. For more than a quarter of a century we have provided Austin Apostille courier service to Austin and the surrounding areas. We handle Apostilles and authentications in Texas and Washington DC.