Reasons You Need Pro Courier Services

Choosing a courier/apostille service over a standard delivery service is a no-brainer if you are a businessperson who is concerned with your bottom-line and your customers’ satisfaction. (More often than not the two are intertwined.) Regular mail delivery is fine in a limited amount of circumstances and for residential consumers but for businesses they simple aren’t enough. Apostille services come in handy whether you are a business or not and usually have a long turn around time. Other companies simply cannot compare when it comes to speed, security, affordability, promptness, and ease of use. With that said, here are the top 5 reasons why we at Pro Courier Service feel you should consider using a professional courier/apostille service to handle your business’ logistical needs.

  • Eliminates the need for additional vehicles, fuel or repair work: Using a fleet to send and receive packages requires a huge expenditure of fuel to run delivery vehicles. Moreover, it cost even more keeping a fleet of vehicles properly maintained and serviced. When you use a courier service you eliminate the need for a huge fleet and all the additional costs that are associated with it.
  • Speed: Sending or receiving your documents on time could mean the difference between gaining or losing business. Couriers can delivery your package faster than standard mail carriers because their priority is your package and because they do not have to make detours in order to service other customers. With traditional postal services, you have to contend with the fact that your delivery is not a priority above others.apostille
  • Affordability: Because couriers have lower operational costs than that of running a fleet or of using larger mail or delivery service, we are often very competitive in our prices. Our Texas Apostille courier service is fast and can handle documents originating in a court, clerk of a court, public prosecutor or process server.
  • A greater variety of services: The post office is only now trying to add a greater variety of services for its customers. As an Apostille in Texas we have long known that more is often needed by business in terms of delivering or receiving special documents and packages. This is why we have Texas Apostille courier whose services include handling birth/death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, school transcripts and diplomas/degrees.
  • Greater security: Since couriers tend to service a small and familiar customer base, packages are less likely to get lost or be stolen between points A and B.

This is just a short list of the many reasons to use a courier service over traditional postal services. Our site contains many more reasons why it makes sense for you and your customers to use Austin Pro Courier.


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